This is LEMA

The Netherlands

Elvis Vliebergen (ThisIsLema) is an international DJ/Producer born in Congo in 1993. At the age of 2, Elvis got adopted by a Dutch family and has lived in The Netherlands ever since. The name ThisIsLema has an important background story for Elvis which is also the reason he decided to use this as his artist name. As Elvis got adopted, together with his sister, she (at the age of 2) kept saying ‘’Lema’’ after the adoption. As his adoption parents assumed, he then must have been named Lema. However, at a later age they found out Lema was actually the name of their father and Elvis was his real name. As a respect to his ancestry he quickly decided that ThisIsLema would be the name to go by.

After living in The Netherlands for a couple years, at a young age Lema got interested into playing instruments as well as listening to music of different genres. Looking back now, this can be seen as the foundation which grew into the love for music Lema has today. He decided to follow his heart and passion for music and with success applied for the famously known Herman Brood academy, which he finished with outstanding results. His wide taste of music, combined with his for-love for pop-music, make him a producer with a huge skill-set in a large spectrum. Most of his inspiration is coming from emotional experiences he gained throughout his life. As someone that has battled with cancer for multiple years, the perfect song is a song on which you can Dance as well as Cry in Lema his opinion. With this in the back of his mind he challenges himself over and over to produce the next generation hits. His capacity of producing music which is fresh and ‘outside the box’ make him a producer with a unique and exciting sound from which we believe, we will not stop hearing soon.